Cross Country Skiing

The programme of competitions has been updated for the previous Winter Universiades to arouse more interest among spectators and for TV broadcasting.

Today’s cross-country skiing competitions are organised for men and women as follows:

10km Classic/Free, individual start*
Skiathlon (7.5km C / 7.5km F)
Sprint Free / Classic Style*
30km Free/Classic Style, mass-start*
4 x 10km Relay (CCFF)

5km Classic/Free, individual start*
Skiathlon (5km C / 5km F)
Sprint Free / Class Style*
15km Free/Classic Style, mass-start*
3 x 5km Relay (CFF)

Mixed: Mixed Team Sprint (Free style)

*style changing every two years

The running of competitions is always supervised by the FISU Technical Chair for cross-country
skiing and the FIS Technical Delegate, who chair all technical meetings concerned. All tracks must follow the requirements of the FIS and go through a homologation process.

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