More information about the tennis team heading to the 2017 Summer Universiade coming soon...

The tennis events will be organised in accordance with the most recently published technical rules of the International Tennis Federation (ITF). The programme and duration of the competitions will be fixed by the Executive Committee in agreement with the Organising Committee and the CTI. In principle, the programme will last nine (9) days maximum (Monday to Sunday) and will include:

Men's events: singles and doubles
Women's events: singles and doubles
Mixed doubles

A plate tournament may be organised in agreement with the CT.

Men’s team classification: will be established based on the results of the men’s singles and doubles events
Women’s team classification: will be established based on the results of the women’s singles and doubles events

Each country is authorised to enter a maximum of four (4) men and four (4) women. The maximum number of competitors per event and per country will be as follows:
men's singles: two (2)
men's doubles: two (2) (1 pair)
women's singles: two (2)
women's doubles: two (2) (1 pair)
mixed doubles: two (2) (1 pair)

The team classification for both men and women will be considered as follows:
for both men and women, the results of a maximum of two (2) players from the singles events and a maximum of one (1) pair from the doubles events will be counted into the final ranking per country;
the results of two (2) events will be taken into consideration;
if two (2) or more teams have an equal number of points, the ranking shall be decided on the total number of medals won.

The teams participating in team classification will receive points as follows:
for singles events: winning place from the 1/16th final to the final
for doubles events : winning place from the 1/4th final to the final
Medals will be awarded to the top three (3) teams.

The players of the pair - for doubles events - must be of the same nationality and of the same NUSF.


  • AIS
  • AUS
  • Kukri