Wushu is a martial art of Chinese origin. It involves attack and defense, with diverse patterns and maneuvers using either bare hands or weapons. In the form of taolu (forms) and dual fight (sparring), wushu is a sport that calls for physical fitness and combat skills, cultivates will power, and is one of the earliest forms of martial arts. Wushu reached a new height during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, spawning a variety of fighting styles under varied families and schools. Having a long history, wushu has evolved into many different styles and sects, each with its own unique fighting tactics, techniques, rules and methods, and the use of a range of weapons.

Jessica Lim WA University of Western Australia
Joshua Lim WA Curtin University
Elizabeth Lim WA Curtin University
Eda Pui WA University of Western Australia

Kee Lee Tan - Coach

Michelle Woon - Manager


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